Dear all,
We are the no.1 genuine data entry job providers. We have been in business for over 3 years. We
are providing genuine data entry projects throughout India. Our goal is to provide data entry jobs to all people who want real earnings for part time/full time.

Today, in internet, we find thousands of data entry sites, but 99 percent of them are fraudulent most of the sites are not registered with the Indian Government, but our SUREWIN TECHNOLOGIES is registered.

Data entry sites do not mention their office address maps in Google, whereas our surewin technologies office address map can be found in Google maps. Also, many of the service providers do not allow you to visit their offices. But we welcome you to our office 24*7.

They even do not have provide proper email, chat, phone, cellphone, remote pc control support for
members whereas, our SUREWIN TECHNOLOGIES provide you with all the support through email, chat,phone, cellphone, remote pc control for members.

Most of the sites today have worldwide access but it is not possible to handle every member in world. As our SUREWIN TECHNOLOGIES works nationwide with limited members, this makes us convenient to deal with every member.

Most of the data entry service providers publicize that you may earn up to Rs.50000/- per month. Though it Sounds sweet, that doesn’t work out in reality.

To be frank, earnings may range from Rs.5000/- to Rs.15000/- per month from our services


*To earn more money with less efforts.

*For unlimited profit potential.

*Out of fear of unemployment.

*Bad experiences in large companies.

Unlike other services providers, we also provide online training to beginners.
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