Dear all,


Q. Can i type at much as i want?

A. You are free to type at much as you want. you can type for 60 minutes one day, or none at all. it's completely up to you. You have 100% total freedom to type when and where you like.

Q. How much money can i make with this program?

A. Really the sky’s the limit. There is no base pay, and no max pay, You can make as much as you want. It will depend on certain factor. Some of which are your motivation and desire. If you want to make a lot of money, then its there for the taking. Some people make more then RS. 10,000 a month using their pc.

Q. Can you deduct the registration fee from my earnings?

A. No. This is one time registration fee is charged

Q. Do you have a phone number for customer support?
A.  We  have  email, chat, phone, cellphone, remote pc control. support.

Q. Will I handle products, make phone calls, do Customer Support, etc?

A. Absolutely Not.

Q. What type of stuff will I be doing?

A. You have to type some text of SureWin Technologies which we provide you.

Q. Does it require any special skills?

A. You do not need any special skills to type at home. you will a computer with internet connection and possess basic knowledge of the internet

Q. Are there set hours that I need to work?

A. You are completely free to work when you want.

Q.Are all the data entry forms the same?


Q.How & When do I get paid?
A. You'll get paid every 1week MINIMUM PAYOUT 1000/- RS BY  check, MO,DD,By Cash or direct deposit bank transfer.

Q. Is this an offer for Employment or for a J.O.B.?

A. This is NOT an offer for employment or Job offering with any sort of minimum wage

Q. Is this program some type of Get Rich Quick Scam?

A. Absolutely Not!

Q. If I don't live in the INDIA, can I still do this?

A. No

Q. Where Is your office?

A. Our office is at S.R.NAGAR,Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh.

Q. Can i visit your office?

A. Yes you are welcome to our office any time any day.

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